Joe Smalley - Web design London

About Me

Design Philosophy

I see each project as a new challenge and approach each with a ‘blank canvas’, free from pre-conceived stylistic trends. It is this way that my clients receive a truly individual service which is totally suited to them, their business and their requirements.

I believe in simple, carefully considered solutions, stripped-down and free of unnecessary elements. By doing this, the core message of the website is left clear to see. In addition, the website is then a means of promotion free from visual fashion, and thus far more likely to stand the test of time.

Form should also be balanced with function. A functional website should ‘get the job done’ in the most logical way, and be helpful too. Websites designed with usability in mind are a pleasure to use, helping users find what they want faster and more easily- encouraging repeated use.


I started designing websites around the age of 14 as a hobby. I then took a degree in Graphic Communication where I learned the basics of layout and typography, working on branding, web and print based projects. It was at university that I built my first commercial website for an architecture studio in 2003.

After graduation I joined a small studio for three years where I mainly worked on branding and designs for print. Here I was able to develop the skills I learned during my degree. The studio began to take on more web-based projects and I decided to specialise in website design.

I then moved jobs to work at a dedicated website design studio, where I quickly built up a varied portfolio of web-based projects and I learned how to implement content management systems and build e-commerce websites.

In 2009 I moved to London to start my own company (under my own name), working directly with businesses from my Old St studio, where I still work. I am fortunate to work with some exciting businesses where I witness how an effective online presence can make a huge difference to them. Through working hard and smart I aim to continue building a portfolio of long-term client and agency relationships.

For more information please email me for my CV.